Happy 15th Anniversary Fauna Foundation!  On September 12, 1997 Gloria Grow opened the doors to the chimpanzee sanctuary at Fauna and welcomed the first 7 chimps who would call this safe-haven their new home. Before coming to Fauna and starting new and more peaceful, loving chapters in their lives, Rachel, Chance, Regis, Petra, Jethro, Binky and Annie had been living an unimaginable existence inside a medical research laboratory. In honour of this special day we are remembering Annie, the only one of the original 7 no longer with us today. She died on January 10, 2002, at age 42.

Annie was the high-ranking matriarch at Fauna during her time here; a true alpha female. She taught us all so much. She was a relentless disciplinarian, always setting the youngsters straight when they acted out and keeping the older chimps in line if they showed disrespect. When she died it was a tragic loss to both the chimp and human families at Fauna. Annie lives on in the hearts and souls of those who loved her–forever a dear friend and wise leader.

Please consider donating to Fauna’s Lifetime Care Fund in Annie’s honour. Your generous support will help secure the future for the 11 remaining chimpanzees.

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